How To Use Songwriter Source:

Different people will have different ideas as far as how to use this website. Beginners can use it as a resource to make an informed decision about who, what, when and where to send their songs. Industry professionals can use it as a one-stop directory for up-to-date industry contacts. Use this site anywhere there is an internet connection.

For those looking to direct submissions and inquiries, we have included reference cues about the degree that a listing would be open to solicitation. There's no need to waste time and effort in the process of making a connection with the right people.

The following icons will appear to the right of the listings:

Open For Submissions From Beginners Up To Professionals
Open For Submissions From Established and Previously Published Artists and songwriters
Submissions From Industry Professionals Only
Solicitation Status is Unknown

Always read and follow the submission guidelines of any company you choose to submit to. Some accept unsolicited submissions freely and some you must first call, email or send a query letter.


The companies listed on are listed as a service to songwriters. You must use your personal judgment as to who to submit demo's to and which companies to do business with. The names, companies and contact information are supplied simply as a service to help you, the songwriter, with information. We accept no responsibility for the companies or individuals listed on this website.

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