Open box-the listing is open to submissions from beginners and professionals.

Half box-the listing is open to submissions from professionals, established artist and writers who are previously published.

Full box-the listing is open to submissions from industry professionals such as successful producers, managers, publishers etc.

SASE-self addressed, stamped envelope.

Music Publisher- A company or person that secures a publishing contract on a song and then acts as an agent for said song trying to get the song recorded by a recording artist or band and/or solicits the use of said song in other media such as TV or movies.

Record Company- Signs artist to an exclusive agreement to record for them and then markets the artists to the public through radio, TV, etc.

Producer- Organizes recording sessions, selects musicians, helps in song selection and coordinates all the activities within a recording, session. Many times is a liaison between recording artist and record company.

Manager- Signs artist and bands. Helps in career development of said artist or band. Manages everyday career related activities.

Talent Agent- Also known as a booking agent. Signs artist and bands. Works to develop shows, concerts, club dates etc. Basically a talent agent works on commission to help artist and bands secure live engagements.


The companies listed on SongwriterSource.com are listed as a service to songwriters. You must use your personal judgment as to who to submit demo's to and which companies to do business with. The names, companies and contact information are supplied simply as a service to help you, the songwriter, with information. We accept no responsibility for the companies or individuals listed on this website.

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